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AQUA SOLUTIONS Are Leading Manufacturer In Water Treatment And Waste Water Treatment Industry From Last 17 Years.. AQUA SOLUTIONS Demineralization system ( DM Plant ) is used to produce demineralized water by removing dissolved ions from water by ion exchange process. The raw water to be demineralized or deionized is passed through 2 stages.The treated water of the outlet of the anion is less than 10 ppm. To take care of these ions which have slipped out through the mixed bed system (polishing unit) consisting cations & anion exchange resins.

The treated water at the outlet of the mixed bed unit is the purest form of demineralized water with residual dissolved less than 1 ppm & conductivity less than 1 us/cm. The system removes the carbonic acid formed due to breakdown of alkalinity by cation exchange.The system can be incorporated between Cation exchanger & Anoin exchanger unit to reduce the ionic load on the anion exchanger.

This will reduce the operating cost of the system. AQUA SOLUTIONS Demineralization system ( DM Plant ) are custom designed systems so as to optimize the capital cost & minimize the operating cost of the systems The manual & automatic operational Demineralization systems can be provided