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AQUA SOLUTIONS Are Leading Manufacturer In Water Treatment And Waste Water Treatment Industry From Last 17 Years. AQUA SOLUTIONS Mixed Bed Units are an ion exchange method. They are the last treatment step in the water treatment. They are normally positioned downstream of either individual two-bed working ion exchange units or reverse osmosis systems, further treating the effluent of these demineralizers.

For low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) waters, they can be used as stand alone ion exchange units. Mixed Beds are ion exchangers that have both Cation and Anion resins, mixed in a single vessel. The resin bed is in the both H-OH form. Mixed bed units deliver an excellent treated water quality.

During the service cycle, water enters the unit through the inlet distributor at the top of the vessel, and is evenly distributed across the resin bed. This removes the ionic contaminants from the water, producing highly purified Demineralized water. A slow rinse displaces regenerate acid and caustic, then the full bed is rinsed with service water. The vessel is drained until the water level is just above the bed surface. The resins are then re-mixed with air. The vessel is refilled and the bed is rinsed before the unit is returned to service.