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AQUA SOLUTIONS Are Leading Manufacturer In Water Treatment And Waste Water Treatment Industry From Last 17 Years. Aqua Solutions’s Sand Filter is a latest concept in filtration technology to generate water free from suspended solid (TDS < 5 ppm). The filter media is designed to handle incoming suspended solids upto 50 ppm. The Sand filter is provided with manual & automatic backwash facility. The modules can be design for 0.2 m³/hr to 200.0 m³/hr capacity.

SAND FILTER : The working principle of a Sand filter is very straight forward. In a sand filter, water is gone through multi layers of filter media The contaminants in the water are caught in the media bed and sifted water goes into the release manifold at the base of the tanks. After back washing, the filter is flushed with raw water and after the required nature of water is accomplished the filter is returned to support. Sand filtration is frequently used and very robust method to remove suspended solids from water. The filtration Media consists of a multiple layer of sand like fine / medium / coarse / pebble. Sand filters can be supplied in different sizes and materials both Manual operated or fully automatically. Raw water pump is used for generating operating pressure in the sand filter.

Its use in pre-treatment is to remove free chlorine before reverse osmosis to prevent membrane damage due to oxidation. Activated carbon reacts very rapidly with free chlorine in water to produce chlorides;

High purity activated carbon is a highly effective adsorber of organic compounds and is used to remove residual organic compounds in purified water. It is a valuable aid in maintaining low TOC values, complementing UV oxidation. The affinity of activated carbon for organics can also be used in vent filters to protect reservoirs of purified water.