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AQUA SOLUTIONS Are Leading Manufacturer In Water Treatment And Waste Water Treatment Industry From Last 17 Years. AQUA SOLUTIONS softener unit operating on the principal of ion exchange. The softener is charged with strong acid cation exchange resin in sodium form. These resins exchanges sodium with hardness causing calcium & magnesium ions present in the raw water. In this process the water at the outlet of softener gets softened. The softened water will have hardness less than 5 ppm (commercially zero). The softeners are custom designed to handle various range of flowrates & hardness level in raw water.

Most and least tolerable chemical impurities in water are the hardness producing ions, calcium and magnesium in different concentrations and they are responsible for the hard scale that deposits and builds up in boiler tubes, pipe lines, condensers jackets, circulating system, cooking utensils and other equipment contracted by hot water. AQUA SOLUTIONS Softener is used primarily to produce Zero soft water by strong acid cation exchanger, which removes calcium and magnesium ions. The AQUA SOLUTIONS series of water softeners are designed for counter current regeneration with up flow rate and co-current regeneration with down flow rate. softeners are designed for longer operating cycles, low regeneration cost.

The manual & automatic operational softening systems can be provided.

• Boiler Feed / Cooling water feed/ Process water for chemical & textile / Hospital / Hostels / Homes / Commercial/ Institutional waterpower plants / Ice plant