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AQUA SOLUTIONS Are Leading Manufacturer In Water Treatment And Waste Water Treatment Industry From Last 17 Years In UF The feed water will be fed to ultrafiltration at 2.0 kg/cm² pressure with help of pump. The ultrafiltration membrane is hollow fiber. The ultrafiltration will reduce SDI, load of organics, load of microorganisms & colloidal silica.

The feed water will be fed to ultrafiltration through 5 micron Cartridge Filter to trap the suspended solids. This will avoid chocking of ultrafiltration membranes due to suspended solids. The high pressure is provided for ultrafiltration so as to safe guard system. As soon as discharge pressure & pressure drop is more than 15 to 20% than normal then system will give alarm & if not attained within 5 min., the system will be tripped automatically.

The ultrafiltration system is also used in pharma industry for high purity water generation. Hot water sanitizable ultrafiltration systems are also available for Pharma applications. Similarly ultrafiltration units with higher flow capacities and range are available.